Training and Technical Support

At SMS Equipment, we understand that the need for more advanced training and technical support is as important as ever. The equipment we provide has made huge advancements in a short period of time. With new technologies emerging every year, the equipment SMS services and sells is more complex and more efficient than ever. That’s why we make significant investments in our people to ensure they’re properly trained and up to date on all the technological advancements that our manufacturers are rolling out in their equipment.

Technical Support

SMS understands the need for technical service support to respond efficiently in order to support SMS technicians as they perform customer repairs. We offer all of our customers a well-organized and logically constructed technical service support structure. Our expertise is available to you at both the corporate and the branch level. The role of our technical support department is to assist and communicate between the technician, the technical issue, and the factory if required.

Operator Training

Our operator training programs are developed to provide your operators with the correct training to perform daily maintenance and operate any of the SMS Equipment supported product lines. Factory certified instructors deliver the latest in machine operation techniques to utilize the features, functions and maintenance of your equipment. As a result, your bottom line will be enhanced through the improved production and performance of your machine. Do you need specific operator training? Contact us any time, we have certified trainers that develop site and application specific training.

Technical Training

Our technical training programs are developed to help our technicians conduct maintenance, repair and troubleshooting techniques on any of the SMS Equipment supported product lines. Our training is developed and instructed by factory certified instructors who have multiple years of HET experience as well as a Master Instructor Designation from N.A.I.T.

Keeping up with equipment technology and best practices requires continuous investment. SMS Equipment places significant emphasis on keeping our technicians trained and up to date on the latest technological advances. All SMS technicians are provided with hands-on lab and classroom theory training throughout our service locations.

Do you need specific technical training? We can develop a customized and unique program to match your application requirements.