Customer Testimonial: Marine Contractors

Marine Contractors, one of the largest heavy and civil construction service companies in Newfoundland, partnered with SMS Equipment to increase production, improve efficiencies and strengthen their bottom line. Read on for the video transcription* from Eugene Savard, a Manager at Marine Contractors.

Making the Grade

Marine Contractor’s been using machine control in the business now for ten plus years. We wanted to make sure that what we were purchasing was going to work with what we already have. We were already heavily invested into machine control. After speaking with the Komatsu support team, and after those guys came on site to help us through, the integration was completely seamless and the Komatsu equipment fit seamlessly into our current fleet.

Why Komatsu?

Some of the key things that led Marine Contractors to purchase the Komatsu intelligent machines over a competitor would be Komatsu’s machines actually offering machine control.

A lot of the good competitors are offering blade control. With our D-65i, it’s able to push material in the most efficient way possible. Being fully machine controlled when our dozer is pushing material, it’s taking the maximum cut that that blade can handle. Once the machine senses that there’s any slippage or that the blade is becoming overloaded, the machine will take control, lift the blade and make whatever adjustments necessary. Then on each given pass when we’re trying to cut grade, that dozer is making the most efficient pass as possible.

GPS Integration

One of the key benefits is the full integration of the GPS system on the piece of equipment. The GPS and antenna are fully integrated into the machine that’s coming right from the factory with a full factory system fitted uniquely to our equipment.

Benefits of Machine Control

The use of machine control has reduced things like over-excavation or excavating outside the boundaries. With the dozer being put into automatics, its cutting into the grade that we’re requesting it to cut into. Komatsu, with their integrated machine control on our PC-210i, has the semi-auto feature so when we’re excavating we’re going to get down and the bucket cannot penetrate our finish surface once the semi-auto mode’s engaged. It aids our operator to cut into a perfect finish grade with the excavator.

Local Support

Some of the key reasons why Marine Contractors decided to continue to purchase Komatsu equipment would be the local support, the local technicians, and the fact that they’ll loan the local parts. They’re making it easy to maintain our current fleet of equipment that we have. SMS Equipment has also been fully backed by the Komatsu brand in providing a fantastic warranty on all of the equipment that we have purchased to date.

*Editors Note: The video transcript was edited for readability