Smart Technologies

Smart Technologies

SMS Equipment is proud to offer factory integrated intelligent machine control and after-market collision avoidance systems, telematics and advanced autonomous haulage systems to customers for improved efficiency, reduced costs, reduced incidents, and more uptime.

Intelligent Machine Control
Factory integrated intelligent machine control on iMC Komatsu Dozers and Excavators for more efficient machine use, with features including Auto Blade Control, Auto Grade Assist, Auto Stop Control and more.

Keep track of where your Komatsu machines are, how much they are working, and proactively avoid expensive downtime for failure repairs with KOMTRAX for Construction and KOMTRAX Plus for Mining Machines.

Autonomous Haulage Systems
Unmanned Komatsu Dump Trucks, operated and controlled via a supervisory computer. Trucks are equipped with high precision GPS, obstacle detection, and a wireless network for mining operations.

Collision Awareness Systems
Avoid site accidents and protect equipment, infrastructure and personnel with SICK Sensor Intelligence. Operators are provided visual feedback and audible alarms for excavators, trucks, and wheel loaders.