Autonomous Haulage Systems

Autonomous Haulage Systems is a comprehensive fleet management system for mines jointly developed by Komatsu Ltd., Komatsu America Corp., and Modular Mining Systems Inc. The technology equips machines with vehicle controllers, a high-precision global positioning system (GPS), an obstacle detection system, and a wireless network system. The autonomous fleet is then able to operate predictably through prescribed route mapping and utilize enhanced safety features such as collision avoidance systems.

AHS technology has been operating globally, marking it tenth anniversary this year. More than 100 trucks operate throughout Australia, North and South America moving more than 1.5 billion tonnes of material cumulatively across the world.

There have been numbers published recently through the Rio Tinto Mine that each autonomous truck was estimated to have operated about 700 hours more than conventional haul trucks during 2017 and around 15 per cent lower load and haul unit costs. Also, stated through and very notable is that zero safety incidents have been recorded and attributed to the deployment of AHS since its implementation.

AHS provides key features and benefits for mines as we move towards advanced technologies including:

  • Enhanced safety features
  • Better operating efficiency
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Decreased number of safety incidents

Support through SMS Equipment

As the number one solutions provider, SMS Equipment is fully prepared to support this technology from feasibility to implementation.

There are many customers exploring the value that a Komatsu FrontRunner® AHS system could bring to their organization. With the support of our OEMs, SMS Equipment will work with customers to determine if AHS is a fit for their operation. We also support many other Komatsu technologies that enhance the performance of a staffed operation as well.

“When we work with a customer It is about finding the technology that fits the customer, not adapting the customer to fit our technologies.”

Scott Schellenberg, Senior Manager of Autonomous Haulage Systems for SMS Equipment

SMS Equipment’s Virtual Training Room is another fundamental support function that we can bring to the table in relation to supporting the implementation of AHS technology. By having this resource available we can offer complete product training and technology support to our customers. The virtual training room simulates the nerve center behind operations of a mine employing driverless Komatsu autonomous trucks.

Rio Tinto Release