Where is SMS Equipment located?

SMS Equipment has locations across Canada with our corporate office in Acheson, AB.

What types of positions are available with SMS Equipment?

Positions that are available with the business vary from month to month. We normally have a number of trades positions available but also have positions in other areas of our business, including sales, accounting, human resources, safety and other areas. For the most current opportunities, please see our current career opportunities.

What happens when I submit my application for a job posting?

When you submit your application for a job posting via email, you should receive an automatic confirmation that your application was received. Our Human Resources Department will review all applications for the job posting. If you are short-listed for a position, you will be contacted to participate in the recruitment process.

Can I apply to more than one job posting at a time?

You are welcome to apply for any positions that you are qualified for. Your candidature will be considered for all positions that you apply to. Applications must be submitted to the corresponding email address listed on the posting. Please keep the hiring panel informed if you have applied for multiple opportunities.

What if I make a mistake in my application, or need to update my resume?

If you have made a mistake or need to update your application you can re-apply. Please mention in your cover letter that this is your latest application.

How often are new job postings added?

New postings are added on an ongoing basis, as positions become available.

I do not have the necessary work permit, permanent resident status, or citizenship to work in Canada. Can I still be considered for a role with SMS Equipment?

SMS Equipment requires all applicants to have the necessary permissions to work in Canada (Canadian Citizenship or permanent residency of Canada). Please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at www.cic.gc.ca for more information.

Does SMS Equipment offer relocation assistance?

Relocation assistance is dependent on the type of position and location. Details about relocation assistance (if applicable for the role) will be provided further along in the recruitment process.

Does SMS Equipment offer accommodation assistance?

Accommodation assistance (if applicable) and other such allowances are a part of our comprehensive compensation and benefits package. We would be happy to discuss the details regarding this further along in the recruitment process.

Does SMS Equipment hire students?

SMS Equipment has an active apprenticeship program. Please see the apprenticeship program  page for more information. SMS Equipment also occasionally hires summer students and cooperative education (co-op) students. These opportunities are advertised on our current career opportunities page or through the universities and colleges we support.

Does SMS Equipment provide on-the-job training?

SMS Equipment is committed to ensuring employees can safely perform their jobs and are prepared for new positions and opportunities as they arise. Employees are encouraged to build in-depth experience and acquire skills that are critical to their career and the business’ long term success, through on-the-job learning as well as structured learning programs that are offered by the business.

I can't seem to find information about the salary range for a job I'm interested in. How do I learn what the pay for the job is before I apply?

SMS Equipment offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits package which is competitive in the market and encourages and appreciates commitment and performance. Details about the specific compensation and benefits connected to the position you are applying for will be provided by the hiring panel further along in the recruitment process.