Advanced Technologies
Intelligent Machine Control
A machine using the GPS antenna and receiver will track multiple GPS satellite signals. The Base Station is set to a “known” point on the jobsite and then broadcasts the “correction” information to the machine using a radio signal.


KOMTRAX for construction equipment is Komatsu’s state of the art remote monitoring system. As expected, KOMTRAX will keep track of where your machines are and how much they are working.

KOMTRAX Plus for mining equipment is Komatsu’s most advanced remote monitoring system.

Autonomous Haulage Systems

Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) is a comprehensive fleet management system for mines. The dump trucks, which are equipped with vehicle controllers, a high-precision global positioning system (GPS), an obstacle detection system and a wireless network system jointly developed by Komatsu Ltd., Komatsu America Corp. and Modular Mining Systems, Inc., are operated and controlled via a supervisory computer, enabling them to be unmanned.

Collision Avoidance
Protection of mine site equipment, infrastructure, and personnel is a major requirement on mine sites and presents great demands on collision awareness solutions.