Komatsu Introduces its Most Versatile Wheel Loader


Komatsu’s new wheel loader fits a wide range of construction, landscaping, agriculture and other applications. Its parallel-lift linkage, with auto tilt-in to simulate a Z-bar, can be used for virtually any job, from pallet handling to hard digging.


Ride For Dad


The facts about prostate cancer are stark. 1 in 7 men will develop the disease in their lifetime. Of the 1.2 million Canadian men with the disease, 80% don’t know it yet. Of them, 4,000 die of the disease every year. Like all cancers, there is much to be done: how to detect the disease earlier (when it is more treatable), how to cure it when it is detected, and how to care for the men and their families once they are diagnosed. These are big challenges that require big dollars to overcome.


Seasonal Promotions - Summer Edition 2017

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Hensley Bladesaver QM Loader Lip System

For a limited time, receive 40% OFF on a complete Hensley Bladesaver kit and receive your first set of teeth FREE! The Hensley Bladesaver QM™ Loader Lip System is a fully integrated and fully mechanical wheel loader lip system for quarry and mining applications.

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Hensley KMAX Conversion Program

75% Discount on Hensley KMAX Teeth, Adaptors & Pins on all construction class conversions for Excavators and Wheel Loaders!

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